Our business is entering its second decade of operations with considerable excitement to continue our passion to partner with and support our customers.  Jennifer Little founded the company with the mission to provide exceptional service and value to our customers.   With over 25 years’ experience in the industry, her experience has provided an exceptional resource for the evolution of the business.   In 2019, the business is expanding operations by creating Treeline Architectural Metals Company.  Treeline will provide value engineered custom canopies, standing seam and aluminum metal product systems and solutions.  As the construction industry continues to evolve, Columbus Awning Company and Treeline Architectural Canopy Company will strive to provide creative, unique and economical solutions while delivering superior products on time and within budget.   Since the beginning, we have been focused on providing high quality, attractive canopy, and awning solutions, while providing value and exceptional service.

Our offices and facilities are in Westerville, Ohio and we service the Midwest.  We have in house sewing, fabrication and welding operations.  Awning, canopy and standing seam installations are performed by our in-house specialists.  Our manufacturing partner company for metal canopy systems, Treeline Architectural Metals Company, is a partnership to expand our metal product solutions and services.  Our sales team, project managers, engineers, welders, sewers and installers have many years of industry experience and look forward to working with you from design to installation, ensuring your project is on time and within budget.

Be delighted with the outcome of your entire project

Our mission is to provide exceptional value and service with every project.  The goal of all awning and canopy projects is to provide protection from the elements, but it is also to create the desired aesthetic for the building.  Whether the project is residential or commercial in nature, we have decades of experience and a vast knowledge of how to pull together the right solution and design for your project.  Let us make your project a success on every level!

Support when you most need it

We plan for every job going perfectly, but we also understand the reality of working in the construction industry.  We know that despite all the planning, pictures and pre-measurements, there are unforeseen issues that arise when bringing prefabricated awning and canopy systems to a construction site.  This is the environment we work in.  Rest assured that our team is ready. 

We will work with you to determine the best course of action, so you aren’t left with a half-finished installation waiting weeks for a new product to arrive.